The Cooperation Krkonoše – Tatry – Karpaty

Publikované dňa: 10.9.2019

Project:  The Cooperation Krkonoše – Tatry – Karpaty
Project ID: 21920250
Miesto realizácie projektu: Zuberec / Slovensko
Termín realizácie:  01. – 04. 10. 2019

Tento projekt sa realizuje vďaka finančnej podpore Medzinárodného Vyšehradského fondu.



Short description of the project


The main objective of the project is, on the one hand, to raise awareness of cultural diversity and, on the other hand, to increase the shared identity of its citizens with an emphasis on schoolchildren. The project is focused on educational activities too.


During the 4-day meeting in Zuberec, the partners will present their villages on a new and supplemented exhibition ‘Let’s Get to Know Friends’. We believe that language and cultural barriers will be eliminated through joint activities and games. All partners and participants of the project are connected through mountains and national parks. Therefore, the name of the project is ‘The Giant Mountains – Tatras – Carpathians Cooperation’. We are all connected by mountains, we have a lot in common, but despite this, each partner is unique.    TANAP guides will inform the participant about the fauna, flora and conservation of national parks during workshops and mountain hikes. Teachers of individual schools, who have already established mutual cooperation, will prepare knowledge competitions on V4 countries, a brief dictionary, cultural and sports activities for the children together. The Ukraine partner will prepare map showing the map of the First Czechoslovak Republic, which included the Carpathian Ruthenia territory.


Project partners

Obec Zuberec
The village of Zuberec
Obec Studenec
The village of Studenec
Město Vrchablí
The town of Vrchlabí
Miasto Kowary
The town of Kowary

Uhlia community Executive Dommittee 


Projekt „The Cooperation Krkonoše – Tatry – Karpaty“
Obec Zuberec, Obec Studenec,
Město Vrchlabí, Miasto Kowary, Obec Uhlia

International Visegrad Fund


Projekt je realizovaný s finančnou podporou
Medzinárodného Vyšehradského fondu